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Admin Screen

Connect Panel is a unique solution which allows Panel managers to not only manage their own panel, but also plug in 3rd party sample sources to boost their panel capabilities

An Admin panel enables you to add clients, vendors, projects and survey details, while for the panelists various screening & registration pages can be built, which are useful for panel profiling as well as screening prior to a survey.

Panelists also get access to their basic profiling information and can see new surveys available to them. They are also able to see the number of completed surveys and incentive earned per survey.

Panel owner has the ability to invite panelists to take the survey via a panelist website or by sending emails with unique links to panelists. Each publisher has their own unique link for the survey, which can be posted on a website or embedded in email invites to serve as a unique link per respondent.

Respondent Screen

This allows the panel owner to integrate multiple publishers with static or dynamic end pages during the course of the survey and keep a tab on overall as well as per publisher IR. All this is possible without making any changes to the survey set up, so less hassle for end client.

The panel module is cloud based and operates on a SaaS model, so you get the added benefit of newly developed features available to you instantaneously, without incurring any maintenance at your end.

Some of the exciting features planned on roadmap are:

  • Integration of stats to show how many people saw the survey invite email or post on their page, and how many started, giving you the survey appeal score
  • Integration of iframe & pixel enabled end pages, to work with even more publishers

As a client, you can also ask for custom features like:

  • Ecommerce module allowing panelists to cash out their incentive on reaching their threshold value
  • 'Gamification' for panelists which shows leader boards for top survey takers and the incentive they have earned
  • Community based news or feature set embedded on panelist portal, allowing one panel member to interact with other panel member.

Connect-Panel comes in multiple options:

Basic - best for sample aggregators / RIVER sample providers

Professional - best for panel sizes of upto 100,000 respondents

Suite - best when you have a mature panel (30,000+) and are going for deeper profiling and targeting surveys


  • Set up Sample provision surveys
  • Tracking survey completes, terminates & quota fulls in dashboard
  • Generate unique end pages for each survey (static or dynamic)
  • Add unlimited Sample vendors or affiliates per project
  • Manage & review vendor performances
  • View Key Reports for Survey length, Incidence Rate & Response Rate
  • Managing Project manager workload
  • Registration / Opt in page for prospective panelists
  • Secure Panelist dashboard (Surveys, Incentives, Support helpdesk)
  • Panelist can update profiling information about themselves
  • Manage & host Panelist data
  • Use basic searches for doing panel counts and health
  • Advanced search for combining multiple factors and targeting Niche samples
  • Panelist takes survey from own dashboard or Emails with unique links
  • Ensure reminder to panelists for better completes
  • Incentive management and pay via multiple methods
  • Integration with popular social media websites
  • Manage mail invites on projects*, Ability to send custom emails i.e. html, rtf, text etc.
  • Campaign reporting
  • Custom webpage for panel recruitment*
  • Inbuilt Library of screener questions
  • Create custom screeners using Connect-Survey*
  • Integrate data from any database source for rich profiling*
  • Custom Features like NatRep targeting, quota based mails invites
  • Generate client invoices
  • Panel management & engagement on the likes of social media websites
  • Create Survey links to capture anonymized feedback on website or Facebook
  • Create opinion polls and short surveys within the tool
  • Survey appeal score using a quick feedback rating scale at end of survey
  • Fully customizable look & feel

Respondent Screen

Respondent Screen